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Our Philosophy

After years of serving our customers we realise that purchasing a beautiful piece of jewellery is a very exciting thing indeed and can provoke a number of emotions.

You are inevitably nervous, after all it is something that you have possibly never done before, especially if you are looking for an engagement ring. Equally, you may be a little confused by conflicting reports you have heard from friends and colleagues, things you have read in brochures and of course seen on the internet, and therefore, maybe you are a little cautious as how to go about spending your hard earned savings on such an important occasion.

.. As a family company, we understand all of this. We will not explain the unexplainable over the internet by showing you prices for set items that don't make sense, met with no explanation of the product. We will not baffle you with science that will change from every web site you look at.

We will simply show you our gallery, a sample, a little snippet, a peak into our world of creating beautiful diamond jewellery.

Then if you like what you see, we would love to welcome you to our shop and try our very best to offer you a warm, friendly and honest environment where you can pick and choose from our vast selection of diamonds (shape, colour, clarity, size) and mount it in any setting or style as you like. We will guide you through certification of the diamonds and pricing, so you feel completely knowledgeable and comfortable.

We never want you to feel pressurised into making decisions and most often will advise you to take time out after our informative get together, to make sure you are completely happy with everything we have offered you.

And..as a little added extra, after you have made that all important decision to make a purchase of one of our beautiful pieces of jewellery, we will offer you a complete free of charge exchange. It just gives you time to asses and make sure you love what you have chosen and make amendments if you are not jumping for joy.

Between us we have over 60 years experience as GIA gemmologists and creating exquisite diamond jewellery. The value for money in what we offer you is undisputed, as is our care, attention and our service to our customers.


Abrahams Diamonds