Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut engagement rings

Unique and stunning engagement rings are very rare. Modern ring designs and cuts offer sophisticated charm just like the princess cut and vintage asscher cut.

What is an Asscher cut diamond?

First created in 1902 and valued for their graceful step cut silhouette, the Asscher cut diamonds can both elegantly complement a vintage-inspired setting and design a timelessly modern look in a new setting. Gaining recent popularity, these rings put a smart twist on conventional diamonds and are sometimes called the 'square emerald rings.'

Asscher cuts look quite similar to the emerald cuts with the most prominent difference being that they are square in shape, as opposed to the rectangular shape. The Asscher cut features wide step facets and a large crown that exhibits, unlike any other diamond shape. Many diamond experts often refer to the glow and sparkle of Asscher cut as an endless hallway with infinite reflective mirrors.

Although the Asscher cut is identified as square shape ones, it is somewhat octagonal since all the four corners are properly cropped. However, these cropped corners are not detectable once the diamond is mounted into a four-prong setting, unlike a true octagon.

Shopping For Asscher Cut Diamond

If your heart is set on avintage Asscher cut engagement ring, there are several things you should keep in mind about their clarity and colour. The table of the stone is flat and allows an unobstructed view into the centre of the stone, making compositions quite visible to the naked eye. Because of this, it is advised that you can buy loose diamonds online with a clarity grade of at least VS2. Although you can quickly go below on the clarity scale for the other popular cuts, it’s necessary to go a tad higher on step cuts such as the Asscher.

Picking a colour is all about your choice. The step facets make it clearer to see the glow in your beautiful engagement ring, especially if the diamond is more than 1.5-2.0 carats. Many diamond specialists suggest sticking to I colour for Asscher diamonds. This grade will offer you a beautiful colour without breaking the bank, so it’s the excellent compromise if you prefer bespoke engagement rings.